2020 Career Trends

Whether you’re busy searching for your first job or whether you’re looking to change your career path, it’s crucial to do some research on the current job trends for the year and for the years that are still to come.

Research is especially important regarding jobs that are in demand, with digital on the rise, careers in technology will be on the rise too. Data collection is becoming the norm in every business.

We’ve done some research and here are some of the 2020 career trends to keep in mind while you job search.

The use of assessment tools

We’re used to the old-school method of seeking a job ad online and sending a CV, hoping to get called back for an interview. This process is changing for want of something that will be easier and faster. With an increasing number of people applying for vacancies and only a handful of those skilled enough for the job, the screening process has become a lot tighter.

The inclusion of various assessment tools online has become the new normal. Before reaching the interview stage, candidates have been screened and put through multiple tests to see if they’re right for the job. Once you reach the interview stage, you know that you’re very close to getting the job.

Not only are your skills and knowledge tested, but your personality and extra-mural hobbies are also considered. Employers are not only looking to see if you’re able to get the job done, they’re looking to see if you’ll fit in with the company culture.


Companies are doing a lot more to keep their employees happy with a range of perks, and this is because they want to hold on to people who have the necessary skills and drive.

These types of perks can include extended leave days, incentives, free food and drinks, social events and flexible hours, to name a few. The work-life balance is a clear focus and is encouraged, this will only increase in the years to come.

The Diversity Focus

Tech Republic states that while past diversity issues have been addressed, companies still have a long way to go. They predict that 2019 will focus on making these employees feel included and appreciated in the company they’re working at. This is crucial to creating a healthy work culture.

Of course, each company will have different ideas, but some of these could include company events, free trips, good leadership roles and the tracking of promotions.

Job Search Method Change

The job search methods are changing slowly but surely, the use of AI in this process is increasing. Considering the drive towards a more streamlined process, job matching online is due to become the next big thing.

Gone are the days of emailing a CV for any job ad you saw online, career sites will now use data and machine learning technology to match people to occupations. Not only will this process be faster and more reliable, but companies will receive better quality leads as well.

Headhunting is becoming more popular, people who aren’t even looking for jobs are being made offers by recruiters. Companies are looking for specific employees and, if you fit their description, you’re more likely to get the job.

The Importance of Social Media

Social media is becoming a critical tool in the recruitment process. While LinkedIn is an obvious one that you expect your potential future employer to look at, your other profiles like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat will also be researched. With that being said, if your profiles are not private, it’s essential to clean up your social media pages if you’re job hunting, as you never know who could be watching you.

If you’re already working for a company, it’s a good idea to clean up anyway and double-check what you’re posting. Almost everyone is on social media and you don’t want clients or your boss to see any unsavoury posts.

With social media becoming increasingly important, if you do not have at least a LinkedIn account, you should consider creating one. Recruiters will be searching for you online and, if they cannot find anything, it might not count in your favour.

Potential overqualification

According to The Ladders, your potential and what you could do for the company you’re applying to is becoming more critical to recruiters than university degrees or diplomas. Of course, these can only make your CV look better and could potentially put you in the running when compared to someone with the same experience but no qualifications.

To give yourself the best possible chance to land your dream job, build up some practical work experience while you’re studying. If no one is willing to hire you just yet, apply for internships so that you can show a company that you have a range of skills they cannot say no to.

With many of the Baby Boomers generation reaching their retirement age, the talent and expertise pool will be getting smaller and smaller. Tech Republic states that because of this, the American (and global) job markets are going to change drastically.

Jobs with the largest hiring growth

LinkedIn has created a report that lists jobs with the highest hiring growth in the United States over the last four years and these occupations are expected to carry on growing. The top five include software engineers, account executives, realtors, account managers, and recruiters. If you’re interested in any of these career paths, you’re bound to find something fairly quickly.

The Ball Is In Your Court

By keeping on top of the career trends, you’ll be able to adapt how you do things and therefore might be able to find your dream occupation a lot easier than anticipated.