Senior Management Development Programme

The Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) is one of two programmes designed to provide aspirant managers and first-line managers with the opportunity to acquire a background in the core functional areas of management together with the skills necessary to advance into a middle management career and to graduate studies in Management or Finance.

The SMDP’s provide a unique opportunity for a diverse range of employees to develop their managerial potential, first by completing the requirements of the MDP and/or Senior MDP and then by transferring some credits to the ADM.

The SMDP has been designed for:

  • Experienced first-line managers
  • Junior professionals and persons in technical and administrative positions

In the SMDP students complete a compulsory module in Business Communication and three electives from either the Finance or Management Stream



No Travel Required

6 Starts Per Year

Pay per Module

Fully Supported

Work & Learn



You can start studying this course in the next intake
if you have a:

  • Completion of the MDP with 50% in each subject; or,
  • An equivalent qualification from any other accredited institution; or,
  • University Degree or National Diploma in any related field; or,
  • Applicants who have not passed Matric may enter the MDP by complying with the University’s Recognition of Prior Learning process. Contact the School or the Division for Lifelong Learning (DLL) for further details.

Characteristics of the programme


8 months



Duration of Modules

8 weeks



Study plan

The Senior Management Programme has 1 compulsory modules and then there is a Finance Specialisation or a Management Specialisation.


    • Module 1: Business Communication

Finance Stream

    • Module 2: Financial Management
    • Module 3: Elective
      • Choose one of the following two modules
        • Principles of Management Accounting
        • Quantitative Analysis
    • Module 4: Economics for Managers

Management Stream

    • Module 2: Economics for Managers
    • Module 3: Employee Management
    • Module 4: Marketing Management

Module Content

Modules cover the following

  • Business Communication           
    The module focuses on enabling managers to communicate and report effectively through effective research and presentation skills.

  • Employee Management             
    Employee management covers the main components of practical employee relations while considering issues of how to enable employee efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Operations Management           
    The operations management module will give managers the tools and techniques to analyse and improve operations.

  • Marketing Management
    The module focuses on enabling managers with the key concepts to develop a marketing plan including consideration for all elements in the marketing mix.

  • Principles of Management Accounting
    This module allows managers to look at finances from a managerial perspective and gives practical tools to understand costing, budget and financial statements.

  • Quantitative Analysis   
    This module highlights statistical methods and techniques that can be used to support management decision making and includes key concepts in statistics and applications such as time series and the time value of money.

  • Economics for Managers            
    The modules provides an overview of economic concepts essential for any manager and gives a practical view of the implication of changes in key economic indicators on the enterprise.

  • Financial Management
    The tools and techniques that are reviewed in this module will allow a manager to determine feasibility, profitability and performance of the enterprise, investments and specific projects

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