The importance of lifelong learning

The importance of lifelong learning

To stagnate and to stay in your comfort zone is one of the worst places you can let yourself be. As humans, we are designed to evolve and to keep moving forward. It is therefore essential to keep learning and growing, and sometimes you have to be the one to seek these learning opportunities for yourself, and it is your responsibility to give yourself this chance in life.

Benjamin Franklin once said something which hits home: “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Learning does not always have to be educational, like studying for a degree or diploma; it can also be the learning of a new skill. We’re going to look at some reasons why lifelong learning is crucial and why you should never stop studying.

Make more money

As you keep learning and adding skills, and degrees or diplomas to your résumé, you become more valuable. As you become more valuable, your potential to earn more money is significant. It makes sense, right?

If you have more than one skill set, you could apply this to a side gig which will earn you more money (check with your employer if this is allowed). For example, say you work in marketing, but you have a passion for photography, you could use this skill to do shoots for people over the weekend and in that way earn more money.

If you’re applying for a job at a company and your résumé displays that you have more experience than someone else and an extra degree or two you’re A) more likely to impress them before the interview and B) you could negotiate for a higher salary based on what you’ve got. Many job ads mention ‘negotiable’ under salary, this is your chance to shine.

Be More Sociable

By learning or doing something new, it means that you’ll be coming into contact with and meeting lots of new people. Whether it’s in a new class at university, an online forum or in your new pottery class, you’ll be a lot more sociable, which widens your social circle.

Having conversations with new people broadens your perspective as you get to hear different opinions you might never have heard before. Learning through networking is crucial because if you have an open mind, it is much easier to connect to and understand people. By understanding people, you’re much more likely to further yourself in your career and personal relationships.

As we grow up, we learn every day by interacting with different people and experiences, and this results in our tastes, perspectives, world views and tolerance levels adapting as well.

Confidence Booster

Attempting something new and accomplishing it is a massive confidence booster and it means that you’ll be more likely to try new things in the future. It is incredible how much we can learn, and at the same time, you can show yourself that you’re able to do much more than you thought you were capable of doing. Activities you’ve never done before won’t seem as daunting to you now.

To be in your comfort zone is to be lazy and arrogant, your mind becomes complacent. What we don’t realise, is how this negatively affects our confidence, anything that seems remotely similar to a relatively significant obstacle won’t be faced because we automatically assume we won’t be able to conquer it. Wouldn’t it be great to change our mindsets completely and to achieve your wildest dreams?

New opportunities

Learning something new creates new opportunities. It’s always a good idea to say yes to conferences or seminars that your company wants to send you on, by acquiring new knowledge you could create an entirely different opportunity you wouldn’t have known about before. You never know, this could result in a raise!

At the same time, you could broaden your expertise in your freelance work. As mentioned above, your side gig can open up a whole new world of income or networking for you.

A great example of new opportunities in our ever-changing world is the rise of social media. Years ago, all we used our phones for, was to make a call. Today we’re using it for photos and apps, which are making money by the second. Think of influencers and how may thousands they make by posting a single photo to Instagram.

Don’t get left behind

The world we live in today will be completely different by tomorrow. Considering the rate of new inventions and developments, we’ll be left behind if we don’t adapt and keep training ourselves in emerging trends. In this particular point, learning new skills using developing technology is vital. With everything becoming digital, it’s important to know how to use these tools.

Advance your problem-solving skills

The more we learn and know about different topics in the world, the easier it will be to solve problems when something arises of which we’re unsure. The more you know, the easier it will be to compare the problem to something else, and then to sort out any issues you encounter, this will become a skill and any task or situation won’t be as daunting.

Other people tend to turn to people who know what’s going on, and this could put you in a leadership position at work and make you seem trustworthy.

Always Keep Learning

To keep learning will help you live a better, more fulfilled life. After all, there is so much the world has to offer us, and it’s there for us to take it all in. Keeping up with the rest of the world takes time and effort, but see it as an investment that you’re making in yourself rather than work, it will be worth it in the end.